stamp of approval saturday #30.

Stamp of Approval

Oh hey guys – you may have noticed a little bit of absence from me this week – or maybe you have noticed the little map in my sidebar. I am in Galway, Ireland at the moment, and will return later next week, so until then… here are some of my latest SOAS!


Daily German: I really love this new blog Daily German, where you can learn a new German word per day. She has great little graphics and memory tricks to go along with them!


Eerriee: Do you believe in ghosts and ghostly natural phenomenons? Because this one in Ashley, Kansas takes the cake.


It Must Be Wanderlust: Stacie has learned some pretty valuable lessons during her first 6 months in Munich.


Mashable: Because who doesn’t love a (or 15) good inspiring TED Talks.


YouTube: Sh*t Southern Women Say has GOT to be the best of all the Sh*t People Says series.

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  • Kaity

    I haven’t watched the Sh*t Southern Women Say video yet, but I’m predicting lots of “Bless your heart”, sweet tea, and church. and I’m so jealous you’re in Ireland!

  • Niken

    i do believe in ghost/ghostly phenomenon since i had experiences with it a few times. but that story in Ashey, Kansas is just way beyond what i saw. crazy, isn’t it?

  • Katrin

    Yay for Ireland!
    I know Daily German, it is pretty entertaining!

  • Stacie

    Thanks for the shoutout! :) Enjoy Ireland!! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  • Sara Louise

    I just read that Ashley, Kansas thing and now I totally have the heebiesheebies. WTF?! WTF WTF WTF??!! That story is not ok.

    • ifs ands & butts

      No, like I almost couldn’t get through it. I’ve read the rebuttals, but still…. how it hasn’t turned into a film I don’t know.

  • Michelle (@thetravelholic)

    Thanks for your shout out of my Daily German side project! 😛