flunkyball championships.

Flunkyball Penguin

Summer is finally here in Germany and it’s easily reminding me why I endured the 6 month winter. Funemployment is actually fun these days as the entire city comes out to enjoy the sunshine, making it seem as though the population has quadrupled and creating curiosity about where the heck all these people hid all winter. I find myself enjoying the Schlossgarten now nearly every afternoon and riding my bike all over the place, ditching that pesky tram system and 40€ monthly pass.

Some afternoons, such as last Thursday, there’s extra excitement going on. I’ve told you before about the glory that is Flunkyball, a German drinking game made for enjoying the park, high-speed beer drinking, sunshine, and summertime. Well, last Thursday, a student-organized Flunkyball Championship Tournament (IFC Flunkyball Meisterschaften) took place. 64 teams composed of 5 players each competed. There were 5 courts set up for playing and referees at each game. The teams went as far as wearing matching uniforms and strategizing. For instance, there would be a runner to retrieve the ball and a runner to set the water bottle target back upright. Then, the other players would protect these runners beers, so they did not  fall and cause a penalty beer.

Although we did not take part in the competition, we had a blast soaking up the sun and cheering on our friend Nick and his team as they played all the way through the semifinals.

What are some summertime games unique to your area?

  • Hailey

    That looks awesome! What a fun day! When the sun is shining, we’ve been enjoying days by the lake with beach soccer and beach volleyball, and of course mostly just laying in the sun! Loving summer in Germany so far!

  • http://tinaingermany.blogspot.com Tina

    flunkyball is the best game EVER.

  • http://www.relativelyoffbeat.com Laura – RelativelyOffbeat

    Haha, this looks like a blast!!! Great photos. :)

  • http://Heleneinbetween.com Helene

    I can’t even imagine how fun this is. Germans really do it better.

  • http://melaniefontaine.blogspot.com Melanie Fontaine

    Okay, I had no idea that there are actually tournaments on drinking games now… it must have passed my student town! (Okay, the more likely thing is that I’m just not noticing, but whatever…). By the way, I have no idea where all the people always hide in Germany during the wintertime – it’s a question I’ve been asking myself for a long time, too. It always seems like something’s been given out for free once the sun finally hits Germany!

    • http://ifsandsandbutts.com ifs ands & butts

      Hahahaha that is the PERFECT analogy!

  • http://cocalores.blogspot.com Anja

    Why have I never heard of it? Uhm, probably because I am old now 😉 Seriously, I had no idea flunkyball existed – is that really a German game? It looks like you had lots of fun, watching is probably even more entertaining than playing, right?

  • http://meetmakelaugh.blogspot.ca Stephanie @ meet.make.laugh.

    That sounds so fun! One drinking summer game we play once in awhile is beersbee…. where you put a beer bottle up on a post and have to knock it off with a frisbee. Fairly simple, but fun. Great for camping! ~Stephanie

    • http://ifsandsandbutts.com ifs ands & butts

      I love the name Beersbee!!

  • http://www.thesliceoflifeblog.com kim

    looks so fun! i don’t know about anything that’s “unique” to my area, but felipe’s ultimate frisbee championship is sunday so im excited!

  • http://www.meganhettwer.com Megan

    What an awesome name for a drinking game. I wish we could organize big drinking game tournies like that here in the states! Every Thursday during the summer in Boulder there’s a “cruiser bike ride” with a different theme every week. People get dressed up and ride around town- its actually quite riotous and fun to watch.

  • http://landofcandycanes.blogspot.com Katrin

    Looks like so much fun! I have to admit that I still don’t know why I have never heard about this game. I am German. :)

    • http://ifsandsandbutts.com ifs ands & butts

      http://www.spielwiki.de/Flunkyball Somebody’s super enthusiastic about it :) This wikipage is huge!

      • http://landofcandycanes.blogspot.com Katrin

        It really is! I think it will always be a mystery why I have never heard about this. Maybe it is not that famous where I come from.

  • http://sarainlepetitvillage.blogspot.com/ Sara Louise

    This looks like something that should be played in The LPV.