stamp of approval saturday #22.

Stamp of Approval

Another Saturday in May is here. There’s something special about May Saturdays, probably because the weather is finally better. In fact, I no longer even feel it’s appropriate to lay in bed all day because there’s sunshine (hopefully) to be enjoyed, or at least bearable temperatures. I hope, wherever you are, the weather allows you to do something you love today!


Huffington Post: Caught red handed, love this guy’s sense of humor in the Medicine Cabinet Prank.

I Wore Yoga Pants to Work: Dear bloggers around the world, heed Whitney’s advice in 10 Things Bloggers Should Never Do, I beg you.


Mashable: For the love of all things witty: Kids Write the Darndest Things.

Mashable: Beware East Coast… you’ve got a Cicada takeover comin’ at ya and I am glad I will not be there to experience it.

Mashable: This is TOO good: Robin Williams Hits Kim Kardashian with Major Twitter Burn.

Thought Catalog: After nearly two years abroad, I have to say that I agree with so much of the 10 Things Most Americans Don’t Know About America. We just aren’t king anymore, so choke it down and move forward.

Venus Trapped in Mars: Take a lesson from the blog style queen in last Saturday’s Saturday Button Design & Installation Session.

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  • Daddio

    Left a link that I thought you might like in light of your love of “Pinterest”, photography and your growing interest in food.

    Also, seems you are not only beautiful, smart, educated and well-bred, you are now becoming perceptive and wise.

    Love you, proud of, and for, you.



    • ifs ands & butts

      Great link, Dad! I have used something similar before called Food Gawker that is also pretty great!

  • Katrin

    Love these posts! The 15 Notes That Prove Kids Write the Darndest Things are very entertaining! “I want to exterminate my mum”? omg.

  • Sara Louise

    Oh wow, that cabinet prank would freak me right out! Good thing I usually keep my nosiness in check :)
    Popping over to read Whitney’s advice now!

  • Ashley of Ashley Abroad

    Hahaha I love the pictures of Mrs. Doubtfire and Kim Kardashian right next to each other. P.S. your dad’s comment is really sweet.

  • TinainGermany

    1000 “Amens” to the Thought Catalog article!

  • bevchen

    The Kids write the darndest things post was going round Facebook last week. HILARIOUS!

  • mandy

    Ditto, the Thought Catalog article is soooo true. Especially the paranoia. It´s INSANE.

  • Helene

    the kim k/robbin williams thing. i just can’t even.

  • Janna

    Those Cicadas are no joke! Happy to be in the West right now, haha. That prank is AWESOME.