sunshine, you’re back!

Picnic Karlsruhe

I think I did a pretty decent job this year not complainig about the winter blues. However, just because I didn’t speak of them does not mean they weren’t there. They were remedied only by a pile of blankets, cuddling, the current season of “The Bachelor”, and marathon-style watching of “Dexter”. The Weather gods sent down some rays of sunshine upon the Land of Deutsch this week and the people of Germany welcomed it with open arms. In Karlsruhe, that is done by gathering at the Schlossgarten. On sunny days, everyone comes out to play.

The weather makes SUCH a lifestyle difference in Germany. I go from spending as little time outdoors as possible and running to and from tram stops to hopping on my bike, exploring, barbecues, or a day trip somewhere on a Baden-Württemberg ticket. If laziness sets in (which it does often, for anyone who really knows me), we can always just meet at the Schlossgarten and maybe even play some flunkyball. The boredom of winter goes away instantly when the sunshine is out so it is SO great to see it again.

To visit the Schlossgarten, you should bring big Bs along:

– blanket

– beer

– bicycle

– book

– backpack

– ball

Brushing up on some German this week before a placement exam for my language courses on Friday.

Where’s your go to spot on sunny days?

  • Anja

    The Schlossgarten is definitely a great place to study – I studied there for my high school exams. Just enough entertainment when you’re bored, but quiet enough to get some actual studying done. We went to Karlsruhe zoo on Sunday, it was definitely crowded, but nice =)

    • ifs ands & butts

      I still haven’t made it to the zoo, and I live SO close!

  • Katrin

    Oh, that’s what I love about Germany. People spend time outside in parks or cafes as soon as the sun comes out! Enjoy! I love to sit in front of a cafe and watch people.
    Good luck for your exam! I know you will rock it!

    • ifs ands & butts

      Yes, I love how all the cafes bring out the tables and the streets are filled! And thanks Katrin, I’m taking it tomorrow!

  • Melanie Fontaine

    I love the Schlossgarten! Last time I’ve been there was during the summer time last year and if I was living in Karlsruhe I’d probably hang out there once the sun comes out as well. I’m not sure if this is also the case in other countries, but we Germans certainly come out of hiding once the first rays of sun announce themselves! :)

    • ifs ands & butts

      Ah you’ve been to Karlsruhe??! For what reason? I don’t know anyone whose just been to Karlsruhe for a visit :) Ok, that’s not true, but still! Love finding German bloggers yayyy thanks for stopping by!!

      • Melanie Fontaine

        My boyfriend has relatives there, so we occasionally stop by. I’m embarrassed to say, though, that I haven’t really seen a whole lot of the city yet, but the Schlossgarten. I’ve been meaning to go to the Stadtgarten for a while, but the winter kind of but a damper on that. Have you been?

  • Caitlyn

    Gorgeous! The Dutch were wearing short sleeves and sitting on the restaurant terraces in the sun, drinking and soaking up the rays. I joined them, of course… winter’s been too long!

    • ifs ands & butts

      Not wearing a jacket is one of life’s greatest pleasures, I swear.

  • Caleb

    I could actually just cry.

    • ifs ands & butts

      It cries for you. Love you cayyyyyyy

  • Deidre

    It looks beautiful!

    It’s been so sunny and hot in Australia that going outside at all hasn’t really been something I want to do. Sad I know.

    • ifs ands & butts

      I get you, when I’m in TExas in the summer it’s way too hot to even think about enjoying time outside!

  • Janna

    I would tell you that I’m jealous, but I would feel like a broken record. Glad you are getting some fun in the sun, and good luck on your placement!

    • ifs ands & butts

      Thank you so much Janna!!

  • Niken

    i think i could spend all day there. sleeping. or reading. haha.
    i wish i had a nice park in the previous city where i lived.

    • ifs ands & butts

      Germany really has great parks everywhere – it’s such a treat!

  • bevchen

    We always take an F with us to the Schlosspark… Frisbee!

    I have tomorrow off. Fingers crossed the sun comes out to play!

    • ifs ands & butts

      That F kinda falls under the Bs for ball :) I also thought of Badminton, I love playing that at the Schlossgarten too!

  • haileyhiggs

    Love picnics and gorgeous weather! Your spot looks awesome. In Austin, my spot was always this one corner of Zilker that I loved.. hoping to find a spot like that here in Aschau once all the snow is gone!!

    • ifs ands & butts

      I bet Aschau has some amazing spots under all that snow!

  • Sara Louise

    That’s a pretty spot to soak up the sun.
    It’s been raining here all week and I’m ready for springtime and sunny blue skies!

  • TinainGermany

    I miss the sun :( Come back!

    • ifs ands & butts

      No kidding. My room has no insulation so I have to burn wood in this little over. Anyway, I burnt it ALL when I saw last week’s forecast. Way too optimistic. So I’ll be freezing this week.