stamp of approval saturday #15.

Stamp of Approval

It’s Saturday Y’all! Hope everyone has a blast celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. I am staring at my closet realizing that I have zero green items, so that will need to be remedied before Sunday. SOAS is a little slim today – not because the Internet isn’t fabulous as usual – but because I spent a little less time online this week. We’ll rule that a victory.

Heather Christo Cooks: This Pork Chili Verde looks out of this world and you can bet I’ll be making it very soon because I can actually get all the ingredients in Germany!

The Lego Collection: Because how funny is this Lego Office Party shot? Or am I just really nerdy?

Mike & Jess in Malta: This adventurous couple went on a 17 day road trip through some European countries and documented all their costs to provide you with a reasonable look at the cost of traveling in Europe. Thanks to Jay for the link.

Sami’s Shenanigans: Sami’s blog is wildly entertaining, but her new Tweet This, Tweet That: A Weekly Twitter Recap is just too good not to share. Be sure to check it out each Friday!

Someecards: Thanks to Bevchen for this one, my new favorite ecard.

Thought Catalog: I definitely make mistakes, like thinking Pat Green sings “The Everclear Song” (it’s Roger Creager), and 26 Things We Believe Are True But Aren’t will help you straighten out some of life’s other confusions.

Marilyn Monroe never said, “Well behaved women rarely make history.” Harvard professor Laurel Thatcher said it.

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  • Jay

    Whoops – I didn’t come up with a very good title for my link-up :/

    Hope you have a great weekend, Alex!

  • Katrin

    Another wine card. Yay for that!
    And I love Lego! I still have a box full of Lego from my childhood in my Dad’s basement. :)

  • kim

    LOVE that someecard!!

    I linked up again but this week my post is really lacking :( I really love this idea! I also really love Sami’s tweet recap — I feel like I don’t spend enough time on twitter. LOL – i just tweet what I want to say and don’t really read that much of everyone elses!

  • Nicole (@TreasureTromp)

    for some reason I didn’t realize that this was a link-up! I’ll be linking up every Saturday from now on!

    ps that lego collection is awesome!

  • Niken

    hey, i should do trip that’s NOT for work one day.

    ha! love that tweet

  • Helene

    love sami’s twitter recap, always cracks me up!! and can’t wait to read the thought catalog one!

  • Sara Louise

    OK, if you can get all of the ingredients to make that Pork Chili Verde, I’m hoping I can too. I’m off to check out the recipe with my fingers crossed…

  • Julika of Sateless Suitcase

    Alex, I just love this segment of your blog! And that ecard!! :)

  • Jessica

    I didn’t realize this was a link up either! I’ll be adding from now on! What a great aspect of your blog! You have so many great ideas!