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It is apparently the coldest spring on record in Germany. There’s fresh snow on the rooftops this morning. Shoot me. This Texas-blooded gal is unhappy and pretty much pissy 80 percent of the time these days. I’m super fun to be around. Luckily, my best friend Netflix doesn’t mind my company.


Karlsruhe Weather

This week in Karlsruhe. Positives: Things are looking up for April.

 (Thanks for this find, Steven)


Speaking of Netflix, I started watching “Shameless” via recommendations from a couple of friends. Turns out the version on Netflix is the British original and not the US adaption currently airing on Showtime. It only took me 9 episodes to figure this out. Yep, way to connect the dots, Alex. I even sometimes turn on subtitles on the British one because it’s so hard to understand. So then I tried to watch the American one and thought it was FAWFUL. So, if you’re interested, go for the orig.


*I realize you probably don’t give a crap BUT I have been NEEDING to get this out.



On a MUCH brighter note (literally), I am heading to Palermo, Sicily this weekend with some friends and it is sure to be a riot. The six of us will be packing into a small apartment in the town center. I can’t speak for the rest of the gang, but I plan on living off pizza and Sicilian wine during the stay.



I’m verging on 1000 followers on my Facebook page. Y’all are the best.


Thanks for dealing with my scatterbrain today. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

  • bevchen

    LOVE that cartoon! It sums up exactly how I felt this morning when I looked out the window and saw snow.

    Believe it or not, Mannheim doesn’t have any!! KA and Mannheim aren’t THAT far apart…

    • ifs ands & butts

      Whattt that is so strange! Looking forward to next week’s weather, fingers crossed (or thumbs tucked the German way).

  • Helene in Between

    omg i can’t even imagine how cold it is there right now as I am freezing in these texas temps. and almost 1,000 followers on fb?! that is freaking amazing!! you literally just hit 500. that is just awesome! And i love that you didn’t know the show was british an that you turned on subtitles. awesome.

    • ifs ands & butts

      I somehow got in on two of the right giveaways :) and putting my FB profile in giveaways has turned out to be GREAT because people don’t mind clicking like on the rafflecopter so quickly. But nevertheless, I am VERY excited!

  • kim

    UGH! i can’t talk about this “spring” … it’s spring break and i’m PRAYING to break 50 degrees one day!

    also, i started watching shameless–the british one– awhile ago (i went through a james mcavoy phase) and also my stepdad is from manchester and i loved it..ive only watched two episodes of the american one, but i hate it. the type of humor just doesn’t work in an american setting, in my opinion. so yeah, i second the watch the orig statement.

    so jelly of palerm! can’t wait to see pics! :)

    also – is there a specific website you recommend for booking apartments? i was looking at airbnb but i think there’s another one i just can’t think of the name!

    • ifs ands & butts

      SO happy that someone understands me on the Shameless British v. American thing. It just doesn’t compare.

      For this apartment, we found it on FlipKey which is affiliated with TripAdvisor. The woman I’m working with has been WONDERFUL so maybe you can find something there. I think for the bigger cities, a lot of people also use GoWithOh but it still has a lot of expanding to do.

  • Tina

    sweet baby Jesus, how do we make this winter go away? I don’t mind cold winters, but only if there’s the guarantee of a hot summer–which Germany is also distinctly lacking. Have fun in Sicily! Enjoy the warmth!

    • ifs ands & butts

      Seriously, I am in no ways outdoorsy but you bet I’m outdoors when the sun peeks out and the temperature is above 8 degrees. Oh how my perspective has changed. Thanks Tina, I’ll definitely soak up all the sun I can! I’m pretty scary white these days but thank god everyone else in Germany is too

  • Katrin

    I haven’t heard about that show but it sounds like something I would love! Thanks for the recommendation, I will check it out! The UK version. :)
    Have fun in Palermo!

    • ifs ands & butts

      Shameless is a RIOT – some of the most ridiculous things happen but it’s definitely well entertaining!

  • Niken

    i’ve never heard of Shameless before. i think should try it. i’m so jealous!!!! you’re always traveling,, sigh.
    i can’t wait til i get my butts on europe not for work. duh.

    congrats on 1000 followers! i just love you that much

    • ifs ands & butts

      It’s definitely entertaining haha – let me know what you think of Shameless if you see it! And thank you thank you Niken!!! I hope you can make it to Europe, soon!

  • Daddio

    Anxiously awaiting the arrival of Spring here in the U.S. deep south also, and like your region of Germany, it appears it will arrive, hopefully permanently, later this week.

    As for the moods, have you considered the possibility of seasonal affective disorder & light therapy? Might be covered under your medical plan? Might also try some vitamin D supplementation?

    Anyway, hang tight, the seasons always change eventually and here in the deep south, & Texas, that means a short, brief spring and the normal, brutal, lengthy, scorching summer and listening to the continual refrains about the heat.

    Hope, pray & trust all is well.

    Proud of, and happy for, you.

    Love always,


    • ifs ands & butts

      I probably could use some vitamin D supplements – but looking forward to some warmer weather and sunshine here next week, fingers crossed!

  • Lyndsy

    Sad for your cold weather :( but so excited for your Italy trip. A little bit jealous too. Just a little bit 😉

    • ifs ands & butts

      Yes I am very excited about my trip and so thankful for my friend RyanAir 😉

  • Alyx

    Ugh, I hear ya on the spring thing. So ready for mother mature to get her panties out of a bunch and give us some warm weather!!

    • ifs ands & butts

      I bet that precious babe of yours will arrive in some perfect warmer spring weather :)

  • Melanie Fontaine

    I’m waiting for Spring as well… hopefully, it will arrive in Germany in time for Easter! But I’m pessimistic enough to expect an Easter Egg hunt in the snow! 😉


    • ifs ands & butts

      hahaha if the eggs are white, they’ll be extra hard to find!

  • Ech

    Right there with you on the weather. I’m so over it! But the mister and I have been blaming the crappy weather on our lack of productivity and using it as our excuse to Netflix all weekend.

    • ifs ands & butts

      hahaa what would we do without Netflix?!

  • Heather

    Love that cartoon. The choice words that came out of my mouth when I looked out the window yesterday morning would have shamed a sailor. Try to bring some sun back from Sicily… bitte!

    • ifs ands & butts

      I’m SO trying to be optimistic for April, gah.

  • Sara Louise

    1000 FB likes!! That’s awesome Alex!
    Have fun is sunny Sicily! While you’re soaking up the sun, I’ll be north of The LPV, in Auvergne, smack dab in the middle of France. It will be cold and probably raining (it always rains there). I’ll be doing my best Grumpy Cat impersonation.

    • ifs ands & butts

      So ya know, you’ll be enjoying daily life in mainland Europe. GAH WHERE IS THE WARM SUN?! Thanks SL!

  • Steven

    Did I already go on about the merits of one of those SAD lamps? I used one my first winter here and not so much this year, and the difference is HUGELY visible- to the people who have to deal with me every day. I was super grumpy through pretty much all of January and February, and most of March…