stamp of approval saturday #10.

Stamp of Approval

WHOA well lookie here hitting my first milestone with SOAS – number 10, baby! While y’all are checking this out, I have traveled up a couple hundred miles north to celebrate Carnival in Cologne, Germany. I’ll tell you all about it when I’m back, but for now, check out the best of this week on the Internet and link up your favorites!


Buzz Feed: This made my week. Seriously. Story of my life: What It’s Like to Be a 20-Something as Told by “Mean Girls”, “Bridesmaids”, and “Girls”.

I miss college me. Ok, fine. She still comes out.

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Buzz Feed: “God Blessed Texas, with His own hand” and Summer Anne Burton sure agrees with those Little Texas lyrics in her article 50 Sure Signs that Texas is a Utopia. I love being a Texan.


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Globe GenieClick the ‘Teleport’ button and instantly be sent around the world. Utilizing Google’s street view to entertain bored people filled with wanderlust (me, duh), everywhere.


Lauren’s Latest: Guys, I made this Roasted Red Pepper and Goat Cheese Alfredo on Monday. I am not normally into the idea of a vegetarian meal, but oh man was it good. My official taste tester approved, so I’ll be making it again. Luckily, I always cook too much so it was lunch all week, much to my own satisfaction.

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Source: via Alex on Pinterest

Mashable: I could look at photos all day. Seriously. I wish there were a million in this list, but these 43 Breathtaking Photos You’ll Never Forget were, well, breathtaking.


Frederick van Heerden South Africa Shortlist Nature Wildlife Open Competition 2013 PRESS stamp of approval saturday #10.

Thought Catalog: Moonwalking for Dummies: Here’s a Gif Guide of How to Moonwalk – We Tried It and It Actually Works!


 stamp of approval saturday #10.

Thought Catalog: Yet another list, why can’t I get enough of these: 19 Life Lessons You Should Have Learned by Now


Stamp of Approval stamp of approval saturday #10.

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  • Helene

    Buzzfeed was so spot on this week. I was dying.

  • Steven

    I’ve been trying to master the moonwalk since middle school. Not as easy as it looks, yo.

    • ifs ands & butts

      hahaha did you try the tutorial! I haven’t yet but I feel like it could really improve my skillz

  • Sara Louise

    Love that map of Texas!
    P.S. that’s totally how my husband moonwalks :)