mein zimmer (my room).


Hey party people! It’s Tuesday, the worst day of the week (in my opinion), so I’m showing you where I would like to spend every Tuesday, my favorite spot in Germany – my bedroom. Ok, it’s not my favorite spot in Germany, but it sure is where I spend the most time, particularly during this cold/rainy/snowy/gloomy (WHERE ARE YOU SUNSHINE?!) time of year.


Anyway, back in September, a change of plans happened, and I found myself looking for an available room here in Karlsruhe. To say it was stressful does not begin to cover it. Every new student in the city was also looking for a place, but oh did my luck pan out and three friendly Germans accepted one crazy American girl into their living quarters. The girl in the room before me moved out and in with her boyfriend, so thankfully she left her bed, some blinds, and a little table, but the rest, I was on my own. Since I had previously been housed by an au pair family, all I had were my clothes and gadgets, so I had some work ahead of me.


The bed was lofted, so first steps first was for my dear friend Caleb to saw it to a normal bed. No way this party girl was going to be crawling up a ladder on the weekends. Cue: accident waiting to happen. Not to mention how often I pee, that just wasn’t going to work out. The wall was also a dark red, which this BLUE > red girl was not feeling, so we also had some painting to do [see before pictures here].


Anyways, after slowly making purchases and changes, my bedroom in Germany has turned out to be very me.  I have to budget to the max here in Europe and for awhile it was choosing between a beerfests and furniture – hint: beerfests won (but IKEA did come in at a close second in the “awesome money-sucks” category). I think I am maybe a little high maintenance in the whole feeling-at-home department, but I have to have a place that represents me and I can enjoy living in. This space certainly is a major comfort zone for me here and a lot of magical TV marathon-ing goes down on my laptop here (just finished Dexter season three, so addicted).









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  • Kim

    I have the same calendar!! :)

    • ifs ands & butts

      Too funny – my mom got it for me for Christmas! As if I didn’t already want to go everywhere…

  • Svenja Schoening

    It looks very cosy in your room!! I sometimes even felt more me in my small rooms when I was abroad, then in my very own one when I was at my parents’ place. Where I am residing at the moment. Weird.

    Have a good week! (Tomorrow’s already Wednesday, which means, week is almost done, plans can be made and after finishing at the office, only, ONLY two days left til the weekend. Yay!!)


    • ifs ands & butts

      Getting things on the walls and some pictures up really made all the difference. Yay, we’re almost at the week midway point!

  • helenesula

    I love the ladder, that’s a nice touch. it looks cozy and comfortable. I see a place where I could be on your floor. thanks!

    • ifs ands & butts

      Totally saw the ladder idea on Pinterest – but that was the one good thing that came out of the lofted bed. And oh yeah, we’ve got an extra mattress for the floor, too!

  • SMD @ Life According to Steph

    I love your maps with where you’ve been!

    • ifs ands & butts

      Thanks! I love that it’s dry erase, too – makes it fun to write on and plan trips and such!

  • Kelly

    I love the throw pillows on your bed, too cute!

    Sparkles and Shoes

    • ifs ands & butts

      Thanks girl!

  • Stephanie @ meet.make.laugh.

    Love the ladder as a scarf rack! Such a good idea! I am guessing that is leftover from the loft bed?

    I’m also super addicted to Dexter… just finished Season 6 and I really need Season 7 on netflix NOW. Too bad it is still on Tv….

    • ifs ands & butts

      haha yes the ladder is the one good thing that came out of hte loft bed :) I just lost my ShowtimeAnytime access for Dexter so currently trying to figure something else out, but I’m only at season 4. Gah, so good!

  • Hayley

    is that dark wall black? or is that the blue wall? i love it, whatever it is…and oh man, your loft bed…so not a fan of those over the age of 13, good thing you took that bad boy down. i can’t wait to look for a suitable apartment with them boyfriend when i move to germany next year (sarcasm) and spend all my precious hard earned money at ikea (sarcasm) yay!

    • ifs ands & butts

      Wow, this comment made me realize how dark it looks in the photos haha. It’s a navy blue, but I really love it too. Everyone thought I was crazy painting it that color but with all the other walls white and light furniture, it really looks perfect (in my opinion, which is clearly all that matters since it’s my room :) .

      The loft bed, like it was just a no way. I seriously don’t know how the girl before me slept in it because there were no more than 3 ft between the mattress and the ceiling.

      What city will y’all be living in?? Gosh the apartment hunts are hell.

  • Sara Louise

    It’s so important to put a stamp on your living space. And for me, I would have had to ditch the ladder-bed too… that’s a wine accident waiting to happen! :)

    • ifs ands & butts

      Granted, had I kept the bed it surely would’ve made for some good blog posts.

  • Dena @ It’s About the Journey

    Love the bottles on the window sill, but where is the Killapitch??

    • ifs ands & butts

      The champagne is a Karlsruhe special edition, the schnapps was brought to me by a friend from his house in the black forest and the Augusteiner is my favorite German beer :) I’ve actually never tried Killepitsch, but will have to now!

  • bevchen

    LOVE the idea of using the ladder as a scarf rack (looking at previous comments, I’m not the only one). I really need somewhere to keep my scarves!

    It’s strange how many Germans have those loft beds (I had a cabin bed for a while as a kid (with a built in cupboard and desk under the bed) and my sister and I had bunk beds when we were little – I always had to have the top bunk – but climbing a ladder to get to bed as an adult is just weird (and definitely a wine accident waiting to happen), even if it does save space!

    • ifs ands & butts

      Totally got the idea from Pinterest, except it was blankets there I believe. The ladder is the one good thing that came out of that lofted bed :)

      I know those loft beds are space efficient but my gosh they are terrible for sleeping. I left hte bed pretty high and actually step on my side table to get on, so I still have lots of space without having to literally climb into bed.

  • Megan

    ahh i love your room! i miss having a special space like that :( damn small european apartments hardly allow for it, especially when you’re living with someone else. blah.

    and i love the dr pepper can.

    • ifs ands & butts

      Oh it’s just bad how much I use my room as a hideout, but living with 3 other people, it’s necessary.

  • Katrin

    Your bed looks so comfortable! I need to do some redesigning, I am not happy with the way everything looks at the moment. But I don’t know where to start and everything I want is so expensive. :)

  • Steven

    Nice place! I love the idea of a map to mark where you’ve been, too.