big ass party.


I’m not being a tool calling it “BIG ASS PARTY”; that was actually the name of the party. It was on Wednesday and we stayed in every night this week to be energized for it. This is party dedication if you ask me. The party was hosted by an alpine ski/board team here called Powder Party that some of our friends participate on. The night was themed “Powder to the People”. You know it will be a good night when before you leave, you promise yourself that no matter how much fun you are having, you will leave the party by 4 am.

It lived up. I think we were there 6 hours and it felt like 1 – dancing fools I tell ya. I just don’t even want to talk about how miserable yesterday was getting up for work at 7:30… I actually functioned entirely as a zombie until sleeping four hours that evening.

333267 1697914697596 107831283 o big ass party.
338156 1697916177633 598936596 o big ass party.
339142 1697928297936 1986984189 o big ass party.
Andre has us by a few inches…
316234 1697953258560 270383106 n big ass party.
337401 1697953698571 2056072443 o big ass party.
339225 1697944298336 208306650 o big ass party.
340250 1697920257735 493161725 o big ass party.
324493 1697917657670 232212965 o big ass party.
I love when parties live up to the expectations.
Hello weekend!
  • becca

    looks like you had fun

  • Krystal

    Sometimes Blogger is annoying. This is one of the reasons why — I had found your blog forever ago via Comment Love Sunday and started following… and I came by today to check you out and it said I wasn't following you! Anyway — REfollowing you — can't wait to catch up on what I missed. :)

  • elizalouise.bell

    How fab is this!? I cannot believe you picked up and went to Germany. I love it. xo your newest follower from FTLOB.

  • Jenni Austria Germany

    oh my gosh…germany WOULD name a party that, hahaha. you look so cute! i can tell you are having so much fun. :)

  • Megan

    parties dont look like that hear. im about to book my ticket south!