euro shopping.

So when most of you go on vacation, you probably go buy a bunch of new outfits to look fabulous in pictures, hot on the beach, whatever you’re going for. Europe shopping is a whole other world. You look for comfort, light-weight materials, and most importantly, re-wearable items. The whole hostel laundry situation is one you try and avoid. So to get pumped for a backpacking trip, you shop for other articles of clothing to get excited. Or maybe that’s just me? and I have become friends during the past few days. Actually, Amazon Prime and I have become best friends. To my peers, you get Amazon Prime for free as a student (a.k.a. free two day shipping) so hop on it!

Anyways, here are my purchases. And from last years experience, these are going to be must-haves.

Osprey Porter 46

My new backpack! Guys, I am so excited. It is awesome, and can turn into a duffel bag type situation, too. The 46 means that it holds 46 liters, which is actually not a lot. For a comparison, your school backpack is/was probably around 33 liters.

The executive decision to downsize is important here. Last summer, I had an overwhelmingly heavy 50 L backpack. I ended up buying a rolling suitcase to take some weight off it. But three pieces of luggage is just not okay.

Exhibit A

Anyways, I am packing LIGHT this year. No souvenirs. No clothing items that will only be worn once or twice.

Ogio Doppler Dop Kit

I needed something compact and organized to keep all my toiletries together that hangs and won’t take up much room in my bag. This was the solution.

Outlets To Go Power Strip with USB

This has three outlets that convert and a USB charger. No multiple converters for me.

Do It Rubber Sink Stopper

When we did do laundry, it was in the sink. Holy crap did we need a rubber sink stopper. We stuffed wash rags in the drains.

Travelon Laundry Soap Sheets

Amazon knows me to well. It suggested these to me. I mean, brilliant.

Clean & Clear Instant Dissolving Cleansing Sheets

Brilliance again. Compact = amazing.

The shopping continues…

What are your travel must-haves?

  • Shushu

    Just bought a dop kit because of this post! And I got amazon prime…